Our Mission

To provide patients with cancer and blood disorders world-class, patient-centered affordable care in their own communities, close to family and friends.

""Thank you for keeping me alive and well since 2013. My sincerest appreciation especially goes to Dr. Chu, Joanne, and the wonderful nurses, medical assistants, and office staff who consistently care for my health and well-being."

Beverly MacD

""I am not sure how to begin and express my sincere gratitude for the amount of heartfelt compassion, understanding, and love all of you showcase daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing greatness daily! Knowing you put my needs before your own shows the love you have for your patients. May you always be blessed!"

Vincent Mogavero, Patchogue

"Thank you for being so positive during these negative times. Thank you for risking your life to care for mine.Thank you for going the extra mile, checking on me, making sure I'm good in between appointments. I'm grateful to all of the staff, and I wish everyone continued increasingly good health."

Deborah Gaiser