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What Are Blood Disorders?

What Are Blood Disorders?

Our blood is responsible for transporting oxygen from our lungs and the nutrient products of digestion to the various tissues which comprise the body. The blood also carries the waste products of metabolism away from these tissues to be excreted from the body. Additionally, the circulation of blood allows the cells contained in blood (the “blood cells”) to perform various functions, such as immune surveillance and wound healing.

Each function performed by these blood cells is a reason why these cells are necessary for our overall health and wellbeing. Blood disorders arise when the blood cells become unable to perform their necessary functions in the body. For example, anemia occurs when our red blood cells become unable to properly transport oxygen to our body tissues to support our metabolism. It is for this reason that patients with anemia often report experiencing fatigue (tiredness).

For further reading on specific blood disorders, please see the "Blood Disorders" directory under the "For Patients" section of the website:

If you any of the information discussed here seems unclear or if you would like to seek out additional resources on this subject and/or related subjects, please consult with your healthcare provider

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