Oncology Medical Home (OMH) system

NYCBS is proud to uphold the ASCO and COA Oncology Medical Home (OMH) standards and pursue this Community Oncology Alliance / ASCO-partnered certification.  Adherence to OMH standards assist us in delivering, ensuring, and measuring the highest level of accessible, cost-efficient, patient-centered care possible.

Why is the Oncology Medical Home (OMH) system important?

Each cancer patient is unique in his/her individual care needs. The OMH system works to improve access to cancer care by strategically providing the right care, at the right time and place, for each patient. The OMH system utilizes physician-led care teams to meet the necessities of each patient’s entire treatment plan. Thus, the OMH model helps put the pieces of your cancer care puzzle together, resulting in a significant reduction of treatment stress for you and your caregivers.

How does this system work and give back?

The OMH system strives to coordinate efficient care via the seven standards of focus, which combine to improve access to care, care coordination, and the overall quality of care, while simultaneously reducing associated costs.  The seven standards of focus are:

1- Patient Engagement:Empowering you to participate in the decision-making process regarding your cancer care.

2- Availability and Access to Care: Providing your care at the right time in the right setting, expanding access to timely office care, and minimizing emergency room visits.

3- Evidence-Based Medicine: Incorporating the latest clinical research into your care plan by recommending and referring qualifying patients to clinical trials when appropriate.

4- Equitable and Comprehensive Team-Based Care: Providing you the opportunity to attain your full health potential by carefully coordinating your care with a focus on health equity aspects.

5- Quality Improvement: Leveraging evaluations, patient surveys, data analytics, and outcome tracking to improve your quality of care as a cancer patient.

6- Goals of Care, Palliative and Advanced Care Planning Discussions: In addition to this standard, your care team will hold a “goals of care" discussion with you and your loved ones to address difficult life and care decisions to facilitate the implementation of your personal wishes.

7- Chemotherapy Safety: Your Care team will uphold the highest-level chemotherapy safety standards (as per QOPI® Certification Program (QCP) Standards).

OMH is designed to meet the needs of patients in active treatment and survivorship.  

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