Medical Oncology & Hematology

Dr. Ramsey Asmar is board-certified in Hematology and Oncology.

Dr. Asmar is a seasoned practitioner dedicated to providing the highest quality, patient-centric care with great compassion. He treats all malignancies and blood disorders, with a focus on lung cancer and gastrointestinal malignancies.

After earning his undergraduate degree at Stanford University, Dr. Asmar attended Wayne State University Medical School, where he graduated with distinction. He then completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Michigan. During his four years on the clinical faculty at Michigan, he served as the Director of their Hematology Hospitalist program.

Dr. Asmar completed his Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center / New York Presbyterian Hospital. While at Columbia, he authored several peer-reviewed articles, helped design clinical trials, and led various research initiatives for novel strategies in the treatment of lung cancer.

Credentials:  MD
Education & Training
   Residency:    University of Michigan
   Medical School:    Wayne State University Medical School
   College:    Stanford University

Maimonides Medical Center
Mount Sinai Brooklyn
The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Patient Reviews

  • "My visit to the office was pleasant and everyone was helpful. Doctor Asmar was very detailed in reviewing my progress and advising me to continue successful progress."
      from arlene 5.0 Stars - (2024-02-24)
  • "Very kind caring insightful amazing experience I wish we there were more doctors like Dr Ramsey in this world!"
      from Nasir 5.0 Stars - (2024-02-18)
  • "Asmar was very professional he explained everything to me gave me comfort and reassurance concerning my cancer treatment."
      from Donna 5.0 Stars - (2024-02-10)
  • "I appreciate what you done for me. I’ll never forget this. Thank you for everything."
      from Orlando 5.0 Stars - (2024-02-10)
  • "He is the human doctor that a blood and cancer patient needs, who helps the patient to recover after the help of God Almighty. I am glad that I am receiving treatment from him. I felt comfortable after a long session in the library."
      from طاهر 5.0 Stars - (2024-02-09)
  • "A physician's physician. He is the person that doctors go to when they need serious help. As a physician, I can truly say that he is one of the most compassionate, hard-working, dedicated, meticulous, honest, and knowledgeable doctors that I know. I would recommend any friend, family, or colleague to him. He is a star in the world of medicine, and Brooklyn is beyond fortunate to have him as a physician. He exemplifies what it means to be a physician. If you end up in his care, you will be in the best of hands. He cares for his patients with a level of dedication and love that makes him truly stand out in the field of medicine."
      from Kari 5.0 Stars - (2024-02-03)
  • "Thank you so much for everything and I appreciate the love and kindness I will always remember you in my heart"
      from Jean 5.0 Stars - (2024-02-01)
  • "Dr. Asmar is not only a one of kind doctor, but he's truly a one of a kind human being. When my grandma became sick, it was Dr. Asmar who *quite literally* saved her life. It's because of him that she is still with us. He's extremely thorough, communicative, thoughtful, empathetic, and gracious. When I personally had an issue, I went to a local hematologist who gave me terrible advice. My mom suggested I talk to Dr. Asmar (since he saved my grandma) and he did not hesitate to help me, despite being in a different state. He guided me through the treatment plan and made sure I was well taken care of, even following up proactively on my status. My mom, who is his primary contact with all-things related to my grandma, is truly in awe of the type of doctor Dr. Asmar is. If there were only more like him ... Dr. Asmar if you read this: THANK YOU."
      from Zlata 5.0 Stars - (2024-01-29)
  • "The whole staff, Doctors are amazing they really take good care of their patients. I couldn’t be happier to know I’am in a very good place and definitely in good hands."
      from Minerva 5.0 Stars - (2024-01-24)
  • "The staff is very nice, doctor is very professional and attentive to his patients. Very good experience."
      from Svetlana 5.0 Stars - (2024-01-11)