Coping with Cancer During the Holidays

Holiday stress can be a lot for anyone, but when it also involves dealing with cancer, the holidays can become overwhelming. While this time may feel isolating or uncontrollable, it is important to remember that the people you are surrounded by during the holidays are there to support you the best they can. There are many ways to make this holiday season as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


There is always a lot to do during the holidays, whether shopping for gifts or preparing a family meal. However, when coping with cancer, your physical limitations may be different than they were before. The side effects of cancer treatment can make you feel more fatigued, so be kind to yourself, especially your body, when you may not be able to keep up like you used to.


In some households, traditions are a crucial part of the holiday season. Some old traditions may be too much for people coping with cancer, like ice skating or caroling around the neighborhood. This year try making new traditions like watching your favorite holiday movie as a family or playing a holiday game after a meal.


Another important thing to remember is to put yourself first. This may seem difficult during a time of year when caring for others is the main focus. Make sure to make time for yourself. You may feel like your family doesn’t understand what you are going through, so finding a support group or community of other cancer patients will allow you to validate your experiences while also having unlimited support.


Most importantly, remember that your family supports you and your diagnosis through thick and thin. So even if the holidays seem daunting, you will get through it. Live in the moment, be present, feel your feelings, and enjoy the holidays surrounded by laughter and love.

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