The Annual Nutrition Team List

Here's a month's worth of goals, ideas, and resolutions!

    Declutter! Clean off your work desk and clear unnecessary computer windows or tabs.
    Be intentional! Create a “To-Do” list in priority order.
    Do Less! When you think about it, sometimes when you do less, you actually do more.
    Just Do it! Enough said.
    Turn off phone notification alerts.
    Control what you can, let go of what you can’t.
    Share and inspirational posts on social media, or via text to friends.
    Show up and be present.
    Learn a new skill (or at least start).
    Create a recipe, and of course, share it with a Dietitian!
    Listen to a new podcast or lecture.
    Be open to change! Go with it, grow with it!
    Invest in yourself ( many times as you need)!
    Show compassion to yourself and others.
    Even if it’s cold, go outside. Fresh air, sunshine, and nature will do wonders for your mental health.
    Set small goals and reward yourself when you achieve them.
    Make an impact - you decide how!
    Conquer a challenge that you previously put off doing.
    Keep a food and feelings journal to better understand and improve your eating habits.
    Grab a buddy and participate in a wellness challenge together.
    Sign up for a Spring 5k race and work toward that goal every day.
    Make an appointment with an RDN to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle.
    Do a pantry and refrigerator inventory. Toss any expired food. Review your food choices and replace them with a healthier version.
    Try plant dairies such as almond, cashew, oat, or soy milk, yogurt, and cheese.
    Go on nature hikes. Use the all trails app to find new and interesting places to exercise.
    Plan your meals out for the week ahead of time and save money, time and stress.
    Try a new fruit/vegetable/herb in a recipe each week to expand your palette.
    Set a daily activity goal, such as walking for 15 minutes on a lunch break or doing a quick workout after work.
    Download the “Calm” app and try a meditation exercise.
    Before going to sleep at night, think of 5 things which you are grateful for in your life.
    Invest in a reusable water bottle and try to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.
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