Brooklyn Radiation Oncology

As a leading provider of oncology services in the Brooklyn area, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality cancer care to our patients. Our team of experienced medical professionals are committed to providing personalized treatment plans and support to help patients and their families through every step of their cancer journey.

Our state-of-the-art facility features the latest technology and equipment, allowing us to offer a wide range of services, including oncology, hematology, radiation therapy, surgery, and clinical trials. We also offer advanced imaging in PET/CT, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammogram, and Radiation Therapy. The multidisciplinary team of world-renowned specialists interact regularly to discuss select, complex cancer cases and ensure patients receive the highest level of cancer care.

This collaboration ensures greater access and equity to people in Brooklyn, Queens, and the broader New York metro area by providing access to the latest and most effective cancer treatments, clinical trials, personalized treatment, and support services in a compassionate community setting close to home.

Our Radiation Services

3D-Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D-CRT)
Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
Image-guided Radiation therapy (IGRT)
Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
Radioisotope Therapy
Adaptive Radiotherapy (ART)

Care Team

Dr. Talha Shaikh

Dr. Joseph Safdieh

Dr. Paul R Gliedman