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Healthcare risk management is a diverse profession in the dynamic and evolving healthcare industry. Healthcare risk managers hold a wide variety of titles and work in a cross-section of organizations and operate in a wide range of settings

What kind of backgrounds do healthcare risk managers have?

Healthcare risk managers come from various professional and educational backgrounds. They are interested in positively influencing the healthcare industry and delivering safe and trusted healthcare.

What do healthcare risk managers do?

Risk managers identify and evaluate risks as a means to reduce injury to patients, staff, and visitors. They work proactively and reactively to prevent an incident or minimize the damages following an event.

Event and incident management

Clinical Aspects

Financial Aspects

Legal Aspects

General Business Aspects

Psychological and Human Factors of Healthcare

Statistical Analysis


Risk Financing

Claims Management

How can Risk Managers help clinicians?

Clinical risk management focuses on mitigating risks and harm to patients and staff. It is important for clinicians to be aware of error prevention and recurring trends in treatment and patient care. Contact your risk manager when:

1. There is confusion about a living will or advanced directive

2. When there are recurring trends in patient incidents

3. When there is an equipment malfunction or failure while delivering patient care

4. If there is any adverse event or poor outcomes during patient treatment

Your risk manager can help by proper compliance with the protocol, implementing new strategies to mitigate organizational exposure, and execute containment plans when such events transpire.

Risk Management Support

Risk Management supports the organization and employees by assessing, developing, implementing & minimizing adverse event exposure. We are all a team, and by working together, we can achieve company goals and objectives to continue delivering excellent patient care.

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists Risk Manager

Jessica M. Marrone, MBA

Director of Utilization Review &

Compliance Risk Management

O:(631) 309-6625