What To Expect After Being Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer

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What To Expect After Being Diagnosed  With Kidney Cancer Photo

One of the essential parts of your cancer journey is to remember that you are not alone. We understand you will likely have many questions and want to know what to expect for your future, so hopefully, we can give you some answers and guidance to put you at ease:

What is Kidney Cancer?

Cancer, the abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells, can start anywhere in the body. Kidney cancer, also referred to as renal cell cancer, begins in one or both of your kidneys located underneath your rib cage to the left and right of your spine. The kidneys work to filter and clean our blood of toxins and waste and turn it into urine expelled from the body. As well, your kidneys help maintain steady blood pressure and ensure you have enough red blood cells. While there are many different types of kidney cancer you can be diagnosed with, many of them are rare. Renal cell carcinoma makes up most diagnoses of this form of cancer and develops in the proximal renal tubes. Other types of kidney cancer include urothelial carcinoma, sarcoma, Wilms tumor, and lymphoma.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Being told you or a loved one has kidney cancer will likely leave you with any questions, which may be hard to articulate. To fully understand the diagnoses, be sure to ask your doctor these questions:

    ● Why do you believe I have cancer?
      ● Is there a chance that I don't have cancer?
        ● What further tests need to be done?
          ● Do you know the stage of my cancer and what that means for me?
            ● How do we get started on treatment?
              ● What types of treatment am I most likely to receive?
                ● What is the likelihood these treatments will work?
                  ● What will the side effects of my treatment be?
                    ● How soon will my treatment start?
                      ● What will happen after treatment?
                        ● What's next?

                        Don't be afraid to ask your doctor all your questions, no matter how many you have. You must have a clear understanding of how to proceed with your diagnosis.

                        What Are My Kidney Cancer Treatment Options?

                        Your doctor will evaluate the best treatment plan for you based on the stage of your cancer, the chance the treatment will work, your age, any other health problems, and your personal thoughts on the side effects and risks that occur with that option. These are some of the treatment options your doctor may recommend:

                          ● Surgery - This is the most common method to treat kidney cancer by removing the affected area. Your surgery will depend on the severity and location of your cancer.
                            ● Tumor ablation - This method works to destroy the cancer cells without surgery. There are many ways to do this, such as radio waves, microwaves, freezing the tumor, or blocking the tumor's blood supply.
                              ● Radiation - High-energy rays, like x-rays, can be used to kill cancer cells.
                                ● Immunotherapy - This treatment consists of drugs given to you intravenously to boost your immune system and attack the kidney cancer cells.
                                  ● Chemotherapy - Also known as chemo, chemotherapy is taken intravenously or in pill form that works to kill fast-growing cells, such as cancer cells.

                                  Each treatment will have its own side effects to consider, and every case is different, meaning you may have to try out multiple treatment methods to find success.

                                  Kidney Cancer Treatment in New York

                                  The doctors here at NYCBS are here for you every step of the way through your cancer journey. Our kidney cancer specialists can provide you with comprehensive care to help from diagnosis to remission. Let’s conquer cancer together! Please give us a call at (855)528-7322 to learn more.