Building Resilience with New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

Building Resilience with New York Cancer & Blood Specialists Photo

The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in major disruptions to cancer care worldwide, including cancer screenings. These interruptions lead to a surge in demand for cancer services that had the potential to overwhelm healthcare systems. However, despite the challenges from COVID-19, New York Cancer & Blood Specialists’ (NYCBS) increased focus on accessibility, prevention, and early diagnosis of cancer, helped increase patient resilience by mitigating fear, and ensure patients’ continuity of care.

At NYCBS, newly diagnosed patients are able to see a doctor within 24 -hours. The facilities are open seven days a week, holidays included, and have remained open throughout the entirety of the pandemic. Even when their doors close at night, the doctors remain on-call 24-7 so patients can remain in contact with their physician at all times.

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists’ integrated, multidisciplinary approach provides better care for the “whole” patient with cancer. News of a cancer diagnosis can be distressing for many reasons, including facing a potentially life-threatening disease, fear of the unknown, and practical hardships.

Psychosocial care among patients with cancer and those at high risk for developing cancer aim to recognize and address the effects of cancer screening and treatment on the mental status, emotional well-being, and quality of life for patients, family members, and caregivers. NYCBS’ highly trained oncologists and hematologists, along with additional services like infusional therapy, diagnostic services, social work, pharmacy, psychological services, nutrition, and many other amenities treat patients as a whole and not just their disease.

“Patients never need to worry about receiving care,” said Dr. William LiPera, a board-certified hematologist/oncologist at NYCBS. “If a patient goes to the hospital, we will meet them there. We provide treatment any day of the week, ensuring that our patients never forgo necessary care.”

NYCBS is dedicated to providing resilience-fostering factors in a comfortable and caring environment throughout every stage of the cancer continuum. By strengthening personal and social resources and enabling effective coping strategies we can better improve health outcomes.

“Cancer doesn't sleep, and neither do we,” Dr. LiPera said.

To schedule an appointment at New York Cancer & Blood Specialists, please call 1-833-CANCER9.