What I'm Most Thankful For

Patient Stories
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"My family, and being a patient of Dr. J."

"Dr. DaCosta, and the best staff for giving me a 2nd chance at life! Thank You."

"I am thankful for each day. The gift of life each day is a gift from GOD. I am thankful for my wonderful family and my fantastic Dr's. at NYCBS: Dr. Dacosta and Dr. Bill and my lovely nutritionist Brianna. They are blessings to me. Thanking GOD AND DR. DACOSTA FOR HEALING MY BREAST CANCER. LOVE AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU"

"My son, brother, and the wonderful medical staff at NYCBS."

"Life, family, and my Dr. Nakul Singh! He was very very supportive throughout my process. He took time to answer questions and quell my fears. His staff was great as well! Thank you, New York Cancer and Blood Specialists!"

"For the beautiful weather....the sun, the leaves changing beautiful colors....the blue sky that seems to say "it will be ok".....for hopefully having the celebratory dinner for Thanksgiving with my husband and our daughter. He has been in the hospital for the past three Thanksgivings....so "lucky" for our golden who is the best companion and so kind to my husband, intuitively understands the many aspects of his disability. She is a "foster"/ "rescue" so we are really lucky!! For my family, especially my daughter who helps me with my husband's care. For my extended family. Their love and support and for our faith, deeply rooted in the belief that there is a higher power who is in charge and will help us all. All we have to do is ask. So, to one and all, Happy Thanksgiving. May blessings abound! (and to encourage all to "pay it forward" in some form...action or donation or contributions, depending on one's situation and station in life.)"

"To be here after lung cancer, to enjoy my family, my church, and say thanks for all the prayers I received and my faith to make it through. Also for all the wonderful doctors and nurses, God Bless them!"

"Having my family around me during the holidays. Through Zoom or whatever!"

"I'm thankful that I have such a great doctor. Dr. Cyriac is the best! Also, I'm thankful I have only two more chemotherapy treatments."

"The quality, care, love, and affection that the staff at NYCB have given me to fight Cancer again. Through their constant effort, it has enabled me to appreciate, even more greatly, my wonderful son, my sweet boyfriend, and my kind and caring family and friends! I am very blessed♥️"

"New York Cancer & Blood Specialists & Dr. Guigova for helping me get better & healthy!!!"

"I am grateful for the love of my family and friends and the continued concern and help given to me by NYCBS. I thank my God for His love, mercy, and guidance."

"For the doctors and nurses who have been part of my recovery. 5 years PanCan free💜💜💜💜"

"All the great care I have received for the past 2 1/2 years, and continue to receive, from all the wonderful doctors, nurses, admin staff, and behind the scene employees of NYCBS. I am cancer-free for 22 years!"

"Each and every breath I take."

"My faith. I stayed positive throughout my treatments. I knew God would give me the strength and encouragement to get through chemo, radiation, and side effects. I'm thankful and blessed!"🙏🏽

"Waking up each morning, being a mom to two amazing girls, my fiancé, my family and friends, And having a job that I love, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on the table. These are what I am most thankful for".

"Being a cancer survivor for the past 4 year."

"Dr. Regina Jablonski"

"Family & good doctors"

"The doctors, nurses, rehab staff, and all who took care of my mom while she fought the horrible Covid virus. I am also thankful that I am my mother's daughter. If I have half of her strength I will be forever blessed. I wish you all a happy, healthy, and wonderful Thanksgiving. Stay safe, stay healthy, and make every minute count."

"I've had Breast Cancer three times. The third time which is now, it metastasized but my doctor says that I'm doing very well, so I have a lot to be thankful for."

"NYCB's caring doctors and staff helping me and my Hubby to continue our fights against cancer."

"The compassion, care, and empathy of Dr. Louis Avvento and his Care Team, and ALL the Nurses and staff that have been with me, through my healthy recovery and continue to be with me, as I face and overcome each physical and emotional challenges, which began in June of 2019. Social Worker Alyza Conway, for her open heart and ear and thoughtful care. Karen Mele, Financial Officer, for her year around financial understanding and help, for without these people, I would not be able to really strive and THRIVE! All of YOU GUYS are the BEST. May God Bless You!!!!!! Eat lots of turkeys and remember that pumpkin pie!"

"I am most thankful that I have a wonderful team of doctors and health professionals at NYCBS that are caring and sensitive to me as a patient and they are doing everything they can to help me deal with this small cell lung cancer. They are there for me. They listen to me and what I have to say. They give me comfort when I feel things are getting too heavy for me to deal with. I am in radiation now (finished all the chemo) and I don't know what I would do if I did not have a doctor who was interested in me, in how I was feeling, did I have any issues? How am I doing? I am thankful that I was referred to this amazing group of medical professionals--and down to earth human beings. I am so thankful for just that."

"September was 3 years cancer-free. Thanks to all the doctors and staff. Also a tremendous thanks to Dr. Chu from my family and me. We will all never forget him. You are all our heroes!"

"For all the beautiful people who have been praying for and supporting myself and my husband through our challenging times during this pandemic. Dr.'s and medical staff have given us the best treatment at this time. We are both improving greatly from our ailments."

"I am most thankful for the love and support from my family and friends as we cope with this journey we are one. I’m also thankful and grateful for Dr. DeSai and her staff for their dedication in taking care of me and all their patients. Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!🦃🍁"