Dr. Nella Shapiro Honored in Bronx Power Women in Business

Employee Recognition
Dr. Nella Shapiro Honored in Bronx Power Women in Business Photo

Schneps Media and the Bronx Times Reporter praised NYCBS’ Dr. Nella Shapiro at its tenth annual Bronx Power Women in Business Awards Ceremony. As an accomplished breast surgeon and one of New York Cancer & Blood Specialists’ finest physicians, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Dr. Nella Shapiro. Over the years, Dr. Shapiro has played a pivotal role in running our Eastchester Center for Breast Care. She has provided unmatched care and support for both patients and their families throughout the community. Her background and expertise in breast surgery is truly in a league of its own.

Dr. Nella Shapiro is a trailblazer in her field, serving as an inspiration to others. Dr. Shapiro pledges to provide her patients with unmatched care and support. She not only creates relationships with her patients but also with their families.

Dr. Shapiro started medical school in 1968 as one of the few females in her class. She was told that by accepting her “one more boy would have to go to Vietnam” and “she would probably become married and have children.”

Dr. Shapiro is not the type of person to stop when things become challenging. She was the first woman to finish her residency at Montefiore Hospital Medical Center. When she started practicing surgery, she was treated less than her male colleagues until she proved that she was equal. Today, Dr. Shapiro feels satisfaction in treating generations of local families, receiving the whole flavor of the Bronx. She is the epitome of what every doctor strives to become: intelligent, compassionate, and driven. On behalf of New York Cancer and Blood Specialists, we extend our utmost congratulations to Dr. Shapiro for this honor, which represents her dedication to the field and her community.

On behalf of NYCBS, we wish Dr. Shapiro continued success and excellence throughout her career.

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