Beyond Breast Cancer Awareness: The Cancer Patient’s Year-Round Reality

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Beyond Breast Cancer Awareness: The Cancer Patient’s Year-Round Reality Photo

This month, NYCBS sponsored and/or participated in multiple breast cancer walks, events, and campaigns raising awareness and funds earmarked for breast cancer patients right in our own communities.

NYCBS has been the major sponsor of the Breast Cancer awareness campaign, Radio for a Cure, which aired all month long (and will continue into November) on WALK 97.5. In addition, the NYCBS team—our doctors and staff—were out walking together with our patients and their families. Sponsoring and/or participating in events in communities across Long Island– including the Shelter Island Fall 5K Run/Walk and the Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk– is just another way NYCBS stays connected to our patients and neighbors. You might even have spotted us raising awareness while dishing out Halloween candy to spooky trick-or-treaters at Adventureland’s Pumpkin Park in Melville.

But the really scary thing isn’t Halloween night. It’s the next day–when October’s big “pink wave” washes away and the national breast cancer awareness spotlight dims for another year. How will breast cancer patients feel then?

They will return to drawing support from their loved ones and their doctors. So, how supported and confident they are about their cancer care will depend on the quality of the care they receive and how the people who deliver that care make them feel. Patients who feel invisible at larger institutional settings may feel abandoned or anxious while those who are known by name at their local treatment center may continue to thrive through personalized care.

On November 1st, NYCBS will still be there not only for our breast cancer patients but for all of our patients—no matter what cancer they are battling. Just like we’ve always been. 365 days a year– committed to conquering cancer close to home.

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or any other cancer, or are interested in one of our many promising clinical trials, NYCBS streamlines access for new patients – generally within 24 to 48 hours of diagnosis or referral—so you can begin your cancer treatment sooner, right in your own backyard.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our many caring physicians.